Process description

A start to finish Bioprocess - Producing and purifying a domain antibody fragment, dAb. 

Process outline:

• Production of dAb in E.coli in bioreactor.

• Release of dAb to periplasm under heat treatment. 

• Clarification and concentration of dAb using cross flow filtration. 

• Purification of dAb using affinity chromatography.

Focus for the Testa Challenge is standard bioproduction workflow as described above. The run will be performed at and by the Testa Center. Participant projects and innovations need to fit in the scope of the described process or relatively easily be integrated into the workflow. It is expected that selected projects actively participate in person at Testa Center during the run.

Download the full process description presentation!

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your technology/service and how it can be used in a bioprocess setting!